I bought this game today but I can't use any of multiplay features!
Server browser is empty and "failed to connect to master server: ConnectionFailed" appears on chat window(chatting is working. I can see all of global messages)
Nobody can join the game which I host, and I can't join any of friend's server(by Server browser, by Steam Profile, by Direct connect)
I tried everything what I searched on google
I turned of my firewall and antivirus(I only have Windows Defender)
I added 11155 port on port forwarding
I tried to connect my PC directly with my Modem without using router
I reinstalled Visual C++ over and over
I completely uninstalled the Hamachi
I think I tried all the thing I can do. What's the problem?

Try this URL and see if it's able to connect. Maybe your ISP is blocking outgoing connections on that port...?


It Says My network allows me to use this port