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Thread: [v7.4] Tabletop Simulator VR

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    [v7.4] Tabletop Simulator VR

    I haven't actually bought the game, but I would be way more inclined to buy it if this came out with HTC Vive VR support. This would be very awesome to be able to go in-game and look around the board in VR and actually use your hands to pick things up instead of just watching a 2d screen and using a keyboard and mouse. If this happened I would buy this game without a doubt!

    Tell me what you think about this idea as I think this would bring in a lot more people due to how much VR is growing.

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    VR is a planned feature, however it has no ETA at this time. I believe they said that once they have the game with all the features it needs and all the bugs are ironed out, then they would move to the task of going to other mediums - such as mobile, and VR. So I would recommend you don't wait until that happens to buy it, since you could be waiting a LONG time, and Tabletop Simulator is a great program as it is now without it.

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    VR for the HTC Vive is now released (in alpha!) as of v7.4. Enjoy!


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