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Thread: Cannot rebind some mouse buttons

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    Cannot rebind some mouse buttons

    Hi tech support

    I am using a Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse and I am trying to utilise the additional 2 buttons that this mouse has to offer (seen [URL=""]here[/URL], below the backwards/forwards thumb buttons)

    These buttons are not recognised in TTS with just the mouse alone so in theory should require the [URL=""]logitech setpoint software[/URL] to work. The problem I am having is, when I install the logitech setpoint software not only are the 2 buttons below the backwards/forwards still not recognised, but the backwards and forwards buttons also stop working.
    If they were previously bound to perform an action they will no longer respond and if I try to rebind them to a new action they are not recognised at all.
    Additionally, if I use the setpoint software itself to directly [URL=""]change the keystroke assignments[/URL] of those buttons they will not be recognised within TTS but work perfectly elsewhere

    This isn't a new problem it's something i've noticed since i've owned TTS (for about a year) and have I have seen this mentioned a handful of times through steam / reddit etc, here is the most immediate example I could find: [url][/url]

    There seems to be some problem or incompatibility between logitechs setpoint software and TTS - Is there any way I can make use of all the additional buttons my mouse has within TTS?


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    Just a small update -- I have since upgraded to a Logitech G700S which instead uses the Logitech "[URL=""]Gaming Software[/URL]". I am now able to make use of all the additional buttons within TTS and have had zero problems so far. It doesn't help anyone who's having problems using setpoint but I thought it was worth noting

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