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Thread: Crashes randomly.

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    Unhappy Crashes randomly.


    Keep getting this error when I play online or offline.

    I have 32GBs of RAM that is brand new, ive tried on my other PCs and ran memtests out the butt, the RAM is fine. I tried running it as admin and at different settings all occurring with the same issue.

    I'm running Windows 10, i5-3450 amd a GTX 770, per my previous thread that had no fix, I have updated all drivers, tested all ends that could cause this. I dont have any mods installed.

    what could be causing this issue? All I want to do is play DnD with Friends.

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    Hey Darth,

    Do you have threading active ?

    if its on try it off..... and if its off try it on.

    try it with the graphical options set to the minimum.

    Are these Crashes specific to a particular game /table your trying to load/play ?

    Are these startup/loading crashes or do these randomly occur mid game ?

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    They happen at random points when im playing any game, wither its offline or online. I have tried using threading and turning it off. I have set to the minimum, and tried it at various levels

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    The games you are playing, are they mods or one of the base games?

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    It is a mixture of both. I trying playing blackjack with a few friends, I get loaded into the game pretty quick and after about 30 minutes the game will close out and bring up the crash report. and another game like Secret Hitler, Ill be loaded into the game, and in between 15-20 minutes the same thing happens.

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    I can't say for sure without seeing the eip info and the stack.

    This could be for a ton of reasons either on application or client side. One thing is for sure, it's not because of low memory.

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    Try opening Windows in Safe Mode and then running TTS. Maybe it's another application you have open that's causing it, a firewall or an anti-virus software?

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