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Thread: [v8.7] Gizmo capable of multi-object adjustments

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    [v8.7] Gizmo capable of multi-object adjustments

    It would be useful if the Gizmo could be applied to groups of selected objects at once, rather than only one object at a time.

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    Exclamation [v8.7] Allow movement of groups of objects with the Gizmo tool.

    As it says in the title.

    Right now we can only move solitary objects, it would be nice if we could move entire dungeon rooms etc. at once with the Gizmo tool.

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    As a work around if you use the joint tool to temporarily connect objects then the Gizmo tool will move the whole assemble when one part is selected.

    But Yes, I agree having the ability to "shift select" or "band box" a group of objects and moving them all at once would be a great addition to that tool set

    Big +1 from me

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    How is the OP suggestion not a function of the application yet?

    I hate to be rude, but the joint tool sucks for the function you're recommending Lucky Seven.

    When you build a complex room using tiles and objects, the 64 item selection limit, combined with the fact that the objects jitter and jostle around, the joint tool IS NOT an effective option.

    Please stop pushing the joint tool and give us a tool/feature that actually does what we're asking for.

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    You can now move multiple objects with the Gizmo tool with today's [URL=""]update v8.7[/URL].

    For now you have to ctrl+click to multi-select. Box select wasn't quite working, so it didn't make it in, but we'll see what we can do in the future.

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