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Thread: Missing Content and Suggestion

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    Missing Content and Suggestion

    Hey there, just wanted to say I'm super pumped to see this on TTS, let alone with the new expansion, that rocks!
    Sadly, it seems there is just some tiny(heh) bit of missing content to the game, namely the base game territories it seems have accidentally been overwritten with a copy of the expansion ones, that's a bummer!
    Picture of what comes out of the expansion bag, as expected:

    Picture of what comes out of the base game bag, not expected:

    It's just a bit of a bummer, because the tundra and peaks on the expansion territories add complexity and new game mechanics that you would have to use, so makes it a bit tougher to teach folks from the ground up and impossible to play the base game by itself.

    And just friendly suggestions for quality of life what have yous:

    The meeples have only their standing state available, which makes it tough to set them on ruins locations, where they have to be placed on their side. It would be nice to see them have a settable second state laying down for this, rather then having to fiddly push at em and hope they knock over.

    And lastly, it would be good form to set up hidden zones for each player. They don't have to be very big as they are only used for the War Die, where each player simultaneously chooses a number on the die (in secret) and then reveals them at the same time.

    Sorry for the wall of text and it sounding like I'm just complaining, I'm actually very excited to see this released with such high quality assets and it rocks. Thanks for all of the hard work put into this, can't wait to see more!

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    Thanks for the info on the missing territories, I'm looking into it right now!

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    Alright, fixed in today's Hotfix 3. Thanks for the input!

    Tiny Epic Kingdoms DLC
    Fixed base game territories to their proper images.
    Added standing/laying down states to Meeples.
    Added Hidden Zones at each seat for dice rolls.

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    Yall rock, thanks a ton.

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    Quick question: What is the suggested method of actually using the hidden areas? I gather that the players use the keypad to manually select the die side desired (with peace being "12") then leave it in the hidden area, but how exactly is the "reveal" supposed to be handled? By picking up the die then trying to set it outside the area (carefully, without rolling it) at the same time as the other player? It almost seems simpler if players could play a numbered token (1-12) face down, then flip them over at the same time.

    I just purchased the DLC and am trying to figure out the intended method of doing this.

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    kind of necromancy to ressurect this thread - i made this mod firstly to make war easier with scripted zone for it [url][/url] - also some other improvements.

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