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Thread: Hidden Objects instead of Hidden Area

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    Hidden Objects instead of Hidden Area

    Actually the hidden area tool is not very useful for detailed dungeons that have to be discovered room by room, passage by passage. Let's take for example the following dungeon quest built for a session of Heroquest:


    The hidden area tool is VERY complicated to use and with poor results (lack of precision, difficult to draw 3d secion, sometimes parts of the dungeon are not properly hidden etc. etc.).

    Sooo, a good solution for me could be to add a tool to HIDE an OBJECT (model, tile, card etc.): once I placed all the pieces of the dungeon, as a Master I can just click on elements I want to uncover for the other players. This seems not hard to implement and could be a BIG update for rpg/boardgames users

    Cheers, thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure if this is a fit for what you're doing, but one of the reasons I created this mod was to give DMs a better tool for building and recalling dungeons/environments in small areas. You'd have to "encode" some Heroquest tiles, and then you could reveal in 4x4 (or other sized) sections.


    Hope it's helpful, even if it just gives you ideas.

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    Hi Dig I already downloaded and checked your amazing work, it's absolutely impressive but I'm not really into the scripting stuff: of course a single button that can spawn all the object of a room could solve the problem and be absolutely perfect, but I really have no idea on how to accomplish this :/

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    I'm not sure if you've looked since the public release, but you don't have to do any scripting now, you simply decorate a tile visually and save it. It creates exactly what you said, a tile with a single button that spawns the (previously decorated) objects for that area.

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