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Thread: Moderator abusing power in global chat.

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    Exclamation Moderator abusing power in global chat.

    Original Post:

    Hello, I just want to know where you can bring up any reports regarding a moderator of the Tabletop Simulator global chat. I recently got kicked for asking Coyote (Had the nickname of 'Tommy' at the time).
    The reason he kicked me was because I questioned why he kicked another player (Who simply asked him "Tommy, do you know the rules?" in reaction Coyote kicked him from chat with a paragraph basically saying "Shut up read the rules" in a nutshell.
    I questioned this saying "That's not exactly a justifed kick" to which he responded with "don't mini-mod, read the rules and move along"
    To which I responded saying along the lines of "The user could have had questions regarding the rules itself or the game, you're a mod who's suppose to respond to players who have questions and/or issues about the game or rules. Please can you act like it?" The comment got ignored but a mass of the people on the global chat agreed with me, one in particiular said he wanted to know where he could report a moderator, I also said in global "Yes Tommy I have a question as a player, where would I go to report a Moderator?" his respond was the following:

    A player who I added yesterday saw the incident on global chat who was on my friendlist and agreed completely with the situation and a player shortly after got kicked for the following which I found hilarious: "Looking for 2 more for Tommy is a secret hitler"

    Thank you.

    Edit: I also forgot to mention when I said about global chat being used to ask questions about rules and/or the game, he responded with "Global chat is a privilege not a right." in response to that which didn't even relate back to what I said but I thought it was worth bringing up as, that's his attitude.

    Edit Edit: I'm not sure if 'Tommy' changed his nickname to Coyote in an attempt to cover up what he was doing under the name of another mod or something else, keep that in consideration.

    Edit Edit Edit: If I haven't got it across also, could I be put back into the global chat please.
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    I was one of the players banned by Tommy. Or Coyote'. Or whatever name he's using right now. I saw that you had been banned for asking about what the offense was - which, as near as I could tell, was to ask a question about programming. And as a programmer myself, even though it has been years since dealing with LUA and other programming languages like C++, I still like answering what I can, when I can. So I was quite surprised to see a Mod acting in a way that no Mod should be acting - especially if, as Berserk has stated, Mods are chosen for their maturity and helpfulness.

    Edit (start): "From ''.... "6. No comments touching on politics or religion. The chatroom is made to help the Tabletop Simulator community find players, reconnect with lost players, discuss games and ask for assistance on issues regarding Tabletop Simulator.". This is listed on your own site; it doesn't sit well with me that a Mod would blatantly run roughshod over other people. The question was a legitimate one: "What is a desired environment?" I can only assume this is a feature of some of the advanced programming that is available in Tabletop Simulator. I couldn't answer the question - but even if Tommy/Coyote' was unable to, was it warranted to respond with "Read the rules" and then ban the player, and then anyone who questioned such an act? " Edit (end).

    Berserk: It's one thing to say that Mods shouldn't be argued with. But I want you to consider what kind of a community you wish to have developing here. If the community becomes afraid to ask questions when they seek help because of the possibility (and in this case, reality) of being banned from chat for simply asking for help, and then if others get banned for pointing out the injustice of it...

    What kind of a community will you ultimately create?
    What kind of people will be placed in the position of Moderators?
    How high will the fear levels eventually rise?

    I can't help but draw parallels to the Movie: "V for Vendetta" here... I hope you see this, and take the right - and just - actions required.

    And please restore me to chat as well. Its terribly depressing to be faced with a room full of silence. Especially when it was an unwarranted punishment. Feel free to verify our stories. In fact, I would like to request, or even insist, that you do so. Please.
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    just my assumption, but just from what I have seen of him he doesn't seem too serious about upholding the actual rules, and is just as if "you don't ask questions about the rules, you just follow them". and anyone asking questions about them gets the boot. and the fact that his connecting address is:

    doesn't help his image.

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    I have no way of knowing what the response will be... but I wrote an e-mail to Jason.

    Edit (start): Jason Henry is the CEO and Founder of Berserk Games. Edit (end).

    "I'm hesitant about contacting you directly, but I'm no longer certain that the proper channels exist for finding a resolution with an issue that is currently afflicting those who play your game, Tabletop Simulator.

    On STEAM, as well as the Berserk website, and now even Reddit, there are posts about one of your Moderators abusing their power.

    Very specifically, I witnessed a player asking about a programming feature: "what is a desired environment?"

    I was unable to answer the question despite having some experience myself; I was more than a little surprised, however, when the Mod known as Tommy responded with statements along the lines of "Be quiet and read the rules", to which the player then asked what the rules were. The response was an immediate removal of the player from the channel.

    This immediately got the attention of a multitude of people in the Global IRC Chat for TTS. One of the people commented on "How could such a removal be justified?" and was immediately told not to mini-mod, that everyone was to "read the rules, and move along". This was questioned further, stating that the player had questions about the rules for the game, and a Moderator should be responding in a manner and with an attitude appropriate for such roles.

    Many people agreed. It was felt strongly enough about the abuse of power that was being shown by Tommy that it was asked where we could go to report a moderator; and the person was also removed.

    At this point, Tommy changed their nick in the IRC to the following: Coyote'

    I felt strongly enough about the abuse of power that was still being shown here that I advised Tommy/Coyote' that "Changing his name would not prevent others from finding out what he was doing; he needed to stop"... At which point I was immediately removed by Tommy/Coyote'.

    I don't know if he is your friend, acquaintance, or someone you have specifically chosen to represent the community that you are trying to build. But I feel that this is unjust. I don't know what, if anything, I can accomplish by writing to you. I do not know if you will even read this. I don't even know if you have any way of verifying my story, but I hope that you do. This happened tonight, about 2 to 3 hours ago from the time of this message being sent. While I am no stranger to STEAM, I am new to the Tabletop Simulator, and I love being able to play with my friends on this simulator that you have created. But I am asking for help in addressing what I believe to be wrongful actions by what I can only assume is an employee or volunteer for your company.

    I hope that you are willing to listen. I hope that you can correct this. I wish I could show you screenshots of everything as it was happening but I didn't take any. I think someone else did, but I'm not sure.

    If you have the time... please help. Or at least let me know that you listened."
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    @Kitster: You overdramatize a bit in your first response. I can olny repeat what i am telling other people in global chat when they complain about moderators. If everyone would behave acording to the rules there would be no need for moderators. Sadly that is not the case. And he did not change his name to evade being detected...

    @Grebsterchu: I was not there when you were kicked but by the looks of it you picked a bad spot to question a moderator after people got kicked for good reason: '<[ZCM]CaptainZero> B=====D (SKET)'. After they ZCM people complained and eventually got kicked, you came along and continued questioning his decesions. You just looked like one more troll and acording to rule 8 - you should really read the rules! - 'Do not argue with the mods. If you keep arguing with them because you disagree with something, you will most likely get kicked.' you got removed from the global chat. You saw that other people got removed for that reason beforehand and you still decided to do it. So you complain about a mod that kicked you after you, you admitted it yourself, violated the rules?

    All in all i can only say again:
    1. Read the rules
    2. Behave acording to the rules
    3. You are only temporarly removed from the chat. Consider this a time-out period. <- Rule page

    EDIT: You should read this post: [url][/url]
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    I posted this on the Steam thread, so here's a copy paste of it:

    Coyote is a geekshed IRC admin and has been around to help moderate when we didn't have any moderators. I have spoken to him and found there was a misunderstanding in the level of strictness needed and all has been sorted. Please note that rules and moderators are there for a reason, but I understand that sometimes it can be taken a bit too seriously.

    Also to note that if you are kicked, it's temporary and you can come back in. Bans are temporarily set to 3 hours and only in the most extreme cases are people perma banned.

    The rules have been modified a bit, but in general the rules still apply. The moderation will definitely be toned down and back to how it was meant to be - to keep chat clean and keep out flooders/spammers/trolls.

    Rules can be found on our website here: [url][/url]

    Thank you.

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    I wasn't trolling

    Quote Originally Posted by Gikerl View Post

    @Grebsterchu: I was not there when you were kicked but by the looks of it you picked a bad spot to question a moderator after people got kicked for good reason: '<[ZCM]CaptainZero> B=====D (SKET)'. After they ZCM people complained and eventually got kicked,
    It is true that some of us were trolling(I am sorry about that) but, I wasn't trying to troll i wanted to ask a question about the rules but instead he banned me (without a warning) I really got offended by this and I wanted to get answers. I just wanted a reason of why he didn't warn me about banning me and why was he banning people who were only asking questions (like myself and the user asking the same question before he was banned).

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    Sorry to hear that. I guess you were just in the wrong plac at the wrong time :-(

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