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Thread: Experiences with the New "Mr. Game!" DLC

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    Experiences with the New "Mr. Game!" DLC

    So I instantly bought the Mr. Game! DLC because I love the big group games. Well we played a max player session last night, with a full room of 8 people, and we noticed a few things:
    • The board is not big enough to accommodate the max number of people because the spaces are too small. We had to unlock the board, and enlarge it to fit everyone at the Starting space. Unfortunately in doing so, it left the board misaligned from the grid, and we had to turn it off and manually compensate for it, as well as enlarging the tiles drawn to fit the newly enlarged board. I think an easier solution would be to create snap points on the spaces to use for the tiles, instead of using the Grid, so that enlarging the board is not such a problem and then the tiles will still snap since the Snap points will adjust their position as the board gets scaled.
    • There are a few issues with the cards:
      • some have no hidden image; specifically the Player Color Cards, and the Power-Up Cards. Even though those particular cards don't normally go into your hand, it's inconsistent with the other cards. They should all have hidden images in the case the rules are changed to require or cause them to be in a person's hand for whatever reason.
      • The cards are set to snap to the Grid, and this got aggravating for a few people - esp. at one point when we were dealing with a lot of cards at once. Was not easy to set them down nicely next to each other.
    • The anchors for the models that create the atmosphere of the Game room environment are not well hidden or out of reach. We found them accidentally after we were done to gather thoughts on the DLC itself, and were able to manipulate the components making the room and dismantle it.(However it was cool that we found them, since in doing so I was able to change the color of the walls, and change the texture used for the floor - made it look like a carpet instead of the hardwood floor, was nice:

    In the end, with these problems aside, we had a lot of fun playing, and I'm glad I bought it!
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    Sorry for the double post, but I was told it wouldn't be marked as New if I just edited the post above. Someone suggested today that the Goal Markers should have a Compound Collider, so that the pieces actually go through the hole they have in them. I would make one for them, it's not difficult, but I can't really do it and have it fit well without actually having the OBJ for the tile. So I had to mention it here, and hope someone updates the DLC.

    btw, for those that don't know - (some of) the problems stated in the original post have been fixed and posted on the workshop as an Alternate Setup, if you'd like to see it.
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    The floor is not solid, and made as a plane. It seems to either have no collider, or the collider is broken somehow - things that go over the table are falling through it, instead of hitting the floor and staying there. The chairs have an issue too, as someone tried to sit the Game box in his chair to indicate he was Mr. Game, but the box fell through the chair, and the floor, and kept re-spawning in the middle of the table.

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    That would be because the collider for each of these elements is contained solely in those little squares under the board,
    and the floor is just an extension of the mesh. (that is well our side of its collider)

    Same goes for the chairs.

    if you want a working floor you should be able to just duplicate/switch the Url for the mesh with the one for the collider. floors are pretty basic shapes as a rule, so the compound collider you'd be creating should be within the Tris limits.

    The same might also work for the chairs but their complexity will probably cause problems if you reuse their meshes as colliders.

    Please take with a pinch of salt as I haven't tried this yet myself but the theory is solid if anyone fancies giving it a go

    EDIT: forgot to mention you might have to check the non convex box depending on how the colliders are designed which isn't an issue as these elements are always locked,
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    yeah I think actually, that if that's done(just putting the mesh link in the collider box), and the objects are locked down, then it might not be a problem... will have to see tho. I'll give it a shot and see.

    Edit: Tried just now, putting the main mesh into the collider box... worked kinda. The colliders seemed tilted or something. I dropped the box to a chair, and it fell over and floated above the seat, at an angle. It did the same thing when i put the box over onto the floor, it fell over on it's face, and floated several inches above the floor. I flicked the box slightly when it was on the floor, and it moved/slid further down going at that angle. Could see the shadow of the box in both instances on both surfaces, below the box. So maybe the meshes are made weirdly, IDK. To fix them I would probably have to replace them with my own instead, or use that 3D Room mod to replace it. that seems to work properly.
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    Try it with the Non convex box checked as well as swapping the Collider. That should deal with the weird behaviour you've described, just tried it myself and it seemed to do the trick for both the floor and the chairs.

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    Ahh yes, thank you sir. That indeed did do the trick. I seemed to have totally missed the last part of the message where you already mentioned to make sure that box was checked. My mistake I guess.

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