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Thread: Axis Locks for Scaling

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    Axis Locks for Scaling

    When I made my Alternate Setup for Mr. Game, and scaled the tiles and board, they both became incredibly thick because when I used the + and - keys to scale them, they were scaled on all axes, X, Y, and Z. It'd be nice if we could have a set of checkboxes, maybe in the Configuration area somewhere, that would tell TTS which axis/axes an object will scale by when you use +/- . So, using the situation of enlarging the Mr. Game Tiles/Board - I could uncheck the Y axis, leave X and Z checked, then using +/- they would scale to get bigger only by the X and Z axes, and maintain their original thickness since the Y axis is not being affected because the box is not checked.

    I was able to remedy the situation by modifying a Saved Game .JSON file, and modifying the "scaleY" for the tiles and board, however(no offense to anyone) not everyone is smart enough to figure that sort of thing out, much less willing to deal with having to search through the 10's of thousands of lines of code that makes up the .JSON files... I mean, it's easy if you have the right tool/editor, but still... So the above suggestion would be a good way to adjust an object on a single axis, or only 2, without having to hack the .JSON file to do it.
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    This one gets my Support, as an In game way of adjusting all 3 Dimension's independently would be a useful tool to have.

    Truth be told I probably spend more time editing Mods in the .JSON than on the table top as its easier to manipulate stuff this way, But its hardly everyone's cup of tea working in this manner,
    So this independent scaling would be a nice idea to implement .

    So a Big +1 from me

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