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Thread: Importing maps and adjusting size

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    Importing maps and adjusting size

    If I import a map and the squares are too small OR the figures I'm using are too large, what are the ways around this?

    Shrinking the figure is an option. How do we shrink an object? This might not be an option for me as it might make it too small to view.

    Can we make the squares on the map larger to accommodate the larger based figures? How does one go about this?

    Here is a sample map I'd like to use.

    Again, thank you TTS community for helping me make my dream (well, gaming dream) come to life!
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    The basics of it are the "+" and "-" keys, which increase and decrease an objects size respectively.

    The best way of sorting out relative scales will ultimately depend on what objects we're talking about. So in this instance what are you attacting the map image to ?

    Is it to be a custom table image using one of the custom tables or is it placed onto some other object and if so what type

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    using the custom square table

    Is there a better option, in your opinion Lucky?

    I just noticed that when I place my (shrunken object) it wouldn't fit into a square on my map. It would land in the middle of 4 squares.....

    Thanks, again!

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    Well looking at your map its longer on one axis, so I'd recommend the "Custom Rectangle" Table which better matches the shape. Though you will need to rotate the image on its side in Gimp then save it in that orientation to make it work.

    As to the figure not aligning I'd wager that's down to your grid settings.

    In Host go to GRID then examine and have a play around with the settings you find there.

    Checking the "show lines" box will show you the grid on the table that your objects are currently snapping to. you want to manipulate this grids size and offset till it match's the square size on your map.

    Once your map is on the table, have a go adjusting things in the GRID settings box and post any questions you have as you get to them and we will talk you through it step at a time
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