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Thread: Make 3D buttons unable to be clicked through objects.

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    Post Make 3D buttons unable to be clicked through objects.

    Currently, you are able to click buttons even if you cannot see them. For example, if I placed a button on one side of a card then flipped the card, I can still click the button.

    Example from the workshop: [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

    It makes picking up some objects difficult. Also, I would like it if right clicking a button was ignored instead of treating it like a left click.

    These 2 small problems cause miss-clicks often for me.

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    Yeah, right-click on button can be annoying sometimes.

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    I Agree

    I was gana make a post about this if I didn't see it. But i wholeheartedly agree.

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    I use this ability to have buttons with images. I use a custom token with the image I want and assign a button to it with a negative 'y' offset so the "real" button is below the surface. Net effect is a usable button with a custom image on it.

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    At this point, if TTS re-works buttons to not fire through objects, many, many workshops will be broken. Countless mods use art over buttons for more dynamic presentation. If you are having trouble with miss-clicks, lockout the code during the time you do not want the button available. It's a little extra scripting, but it is worth it.

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    I agree that too many people use it as a feature. But an option to toggle it off would still be nice.

    For example, I made a countdown timer on a cube, "screens" made of buttons on 4 sides, and a reset button on top. It is a pain to pick up without accidentally clicking some button or another through the object.

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