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Thread: Feedback: The 2 controllers need to be different from each other

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    Post Feedback: The 2 controllers need to be different from each other

    Great first iteration of VR support, guys. Here's my feedback.

    Besides the obvious to-do (making all tools work correctly, especially drawing; making highlights work; making context menus work), the controllers need to not be identical. Identical controllers waste a ton of potential, especially considering the limited amount of things you can do per controller.

    Both controllers should probably have a marking on them somewhere (a number or something to distinguish them).

    Controller 1 changes:
    Touch-Pad Up: Raise / Randomize / (Should probably also do "Roll" (R) when used with dice highlighted/hovered)
    Touch-Pad Left: Rotate Left
    Touch-Pad Right: Rotate Right
    Touch-Pad Down: Place down
    Touch-Pad Center: Teleport

    Trigger: Pick up stuff, etc.
    Grip: Change pick-up style for both controllers

    Menu button: Menu

    Controller 2:
    Touch-Pad Up: Scale Up
    Touch-Pad Left: Flip
    Touch-Pad Right: Lock (important! I couldn't find a way to lock/unlock things without keyboard which is at the other end of the room)
    Touch-Pad Down: Scale Down
    Touch-Pad Center: Magnify (moved off of grip on controller #1)

    Trigger: Pick up stuff, etc.
    Grip: Move yourself in the world (such as when holding both grips in "Pool Nation VR")

    Menu button: <undecided>, it could be a "show help" kind of thing that displays tooltips for every button mapping like in Pool Nation VR?

    Anyways, these are my control suggestions.

    EDIT: Also, the grip pickup style setting should save. If you prefer picking things up like IRL, you constantly have to do grip each time you pick up an item, which is a bit annoying.

    Also, there seems to be a bug with the Magnify feature where the magnified item disappears at random angles.

    EDIT2: While viewing a magnified item, rolling your finger on the touchpad up and down (like a mousewheel) on Controller #2 should scale the preview to be smaller/bigger.
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    100% agree with the title of this post. The controls don't need to be duplicated for each hand.

    I feel like the "action hand" could have nested menus/gestures describing what you want to do (e.g. action hand menu button switches between transform and manipulate mode), where the "off hand" could have multiple functions as described in:

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    If the controls aren't duplicated for each hand, you lose the ability to freely manipulate two objects simultaneously (they could not be flipped or rotated independently), in which case I would prefer a setup with one active hand and one settings hand, like Trafficone suggests. Something akin to Google Tilt Brush would suit the game quite well (pointing at a rotatable menu attached to the settings controller for various options).

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    I also agree on having the option of different control schemes for each controller. That would help a lot.

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    Absolutely! and might also give the possibility to switch between "creative"mode and "play mode".
    Right now the amount of button available is a big cnostrain. With creative mode you could have more object manipulation options while in play mode more social stuff like mic control, draw cards, etc.

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    I'm going to have to also suggest a way to edit the keybinds on the controllers, As a Blackjack host,one thing that stops me using the vive is the difficulty in copy/paste.

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