For use with local chat in games, I think a chat function would be very helpful. It would allow users to type commands.

For example, say I am using a LUA timer. It displays a time on a button face. If I want to change the timer, I type this into chat:
HTML Code:
MrStump: TIMER: 60
in the timer's LUA, this code would trigger
HTML Code:
function onChat(last_said, color)
    i= string.find(last_said, "TIMER: ")
    if i != null then
        --parse the part after 'TIMER: ' into a number
        --apply that number to the timer
This could be a way to introduce information into LUA that requires the hose to alter the lua code currently. The chat function could also be used to track various game elements. For instance, say each player has to state a bid, but can only do so once. By having them type a bid, a script could be used to track and order their bids and publish the results to note or buttons.