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Thread: Custom Dice and "hover-over" numbers

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    Custom Dice and "hover-over" numbers

    One of the first things I've tried since getting Tabletop Simulator is making custom dice. In particular, a die with colored circles instead of numbers on the faces. However, the die still shows a number when I hover over it. I don't mind so much that I can "set" the die with a number-press (thus making the correlation of which numbered side is which clear if you want to), but I would prefer it not show a number and add the number it "thinks" is up to other dice if they're grouped.

    There's at least one workshop product that's essentially a d6 with only two possible values which has no number when you hover over it, but I haven't figured out how to duplicate that feat.

    In addition, I have ideas for using dice which have different numbering schemes than a simple 1-N model, and I'd like to be able to change the number that hovering over it causes to appear on the die. Is that possible?

    Thanks for any advice and help.

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    Hey Segev Welcome to the Community

    To stop the dice from displaying the individual face value and totalling the face values of a group of them, you will need to change the method you use to make your dice.

    Basically you need to stop using the default Custom dice options in the custom object menu and switch to using the custom model in the same menu. This means you will need to model your own dice as well as texturing them and when you import it you can apply the dice mechanic to this custom model by checking the Dice setting in the type(?) section of the Custom model menu.

    Doing it this way the dice will still act like dice but no mouse over values are displayed.

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    That's...a bit daunting.

    To make sure I'm not over-complicating this, modeling my own dice means I'd need an actual 3D modeling program and proficiency with using it sufficient to create a mesh and import it without it glitching?

    Or is there a simpler process?

    And thanks for the advice!

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    Actually, there is a (semi)simpler process: [URL=""]Custom D6 Dice Models[/URL]

    That link there is a Workshop mod that I made a LONG time ago, but a lot of people have used it, and it's helped them out a lot. There are links in the Description, to the Meshes, and the UV templates, so that you can make your own texture for them. and the numbered images in the slideshow, should be used as guides, so that if you are intending on putting numbers on them in any form, you can make sure you put them in the right spot depending on what design you use.

    The UV templates are basically a transparent PNG image, which is a map of all of the faces of the mesh, and you just place that as a layer in your preferred image editing software(Photoshop, GIMP), and make your texture underneath it, using the UV Map layer as a guide. Then when you are done and have your image made, host it on your preferred image hosting site, and use the link to it as the Diffuse texture by right-clicking on the die of the style you made your texture for, and select "Custom". That will bring you to the data window for the die, and you can replace the link in the Diffuse field with the one for your image.

    If that was confusing at all and you have any questions, just ask and we'll help you the best we can.

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    That worked perfectly! Thank you, TheRaven81, for both making that and pointing me to it.

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    Is there a way you can keep the mouse over ... but remove the totals and change the display.. so instead 3 selected dice reading... 1 + 4 + 3 = 8 Dice have it display.. it would read... Hit, Miss, Critical Hit... and no addition?

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    Is there a way you can keep the mouse over ... but remove the totals and change the display.. so instead 3 selected dice reading... 1 + 4 + 3 = 8 Dice have it display.. it would read... Hit, Miss, Critical Hit... and no addition?
    Currently this is not possible but has been requested a couple of times previously by my count.


    Here's a link to one of the previous occasions it came up if you wanted to add you support/thoughts on seeing it implemented.

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    Fate Dice and doubling cube

    So... I suppose that means that one could not make a die with 6 sides that has +1, +1, 0, 0, -1, -1 as the hover-over pop up, and add those all together. Or perhaps make a doubling cube for the game backgammon that hovers-over for the amount shown on the face?
    I suppose it would be possible with scripting.
    I know you can get the roll pitch and yaw of an object, and I know you can change hover over with scripting. So, I suppose that could be your answer, though that will be more complicated that I feel I have time for at the moment.
    Lets say up is 0 on pitch and roll. Yaw wouldn't matter because up is still up, no matter which way is faces.
    So, for each face of a 6 sided die, you have 2 orientations it could be.... Unless you roll it on a slant... in that case, I suppose you should look for a value between 135 and 225 or 315 to 45
    The code would look something like this, though bare in mind that the format is way off and the functions are all wrong, because I haven't looked them up at the moment.
    if (object.rotx>=315 || object.rotx <= 45)
    if(object.rotz>=315 || object.rotz <= 45)
    if(object.rotz>=135 && object.rotz <= 225)
    if(object.rotz>= 225 && object.rotz <= 315)
    if(object.rotz>= 45 && object.rotz <= 135)
    if(object.rotz>= 315 || object.rotz <= 45)
    if(object.rotx>= 45 && object.rotx <= 135)
    if(object.rotx>= 225 && object.rotx <= 315)
    I may come back to this at some point.
    PS, Sorry for the necromancy on this topic, it was the only one I could find that was related.

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    You turned to the dark arts and suffered for it, friend. This is an outdated topic for 2 reasons!

    First, someone (not me) came up with a very nice formula to determine which side of a die is facing up by calculating how much of an angle was between straight up and the direction the model was facing.

    Second, they then made that invalid by adding the Rotation Value tool in the gizmo menu (left side of screen in-game). It lets you set custom values to dice with ease. Welcome to the future. We don't have flying cars but this is pretty neat.

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