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Thread: Is this 2nd Edition, or will the DLC get updated?

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    Is this 2nd Edition, or will the DLC get updated?

    I am a backer of the Kickstarter for the 2nd Edition/Expansion of Battle For Souls, and there is going to be new artwork and few new cards. See [URL=""][/URL] Will this DLC be updated to this edition?

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    This will be entirely up to Greenflame games who hold the digital rights for Robert Burke's Battle for Souls.

    This is what Robert said When I asked the question during the campaign
    "We sold the rights to The digital version, but will certainly make the expansion content available to them."
    I know Greenflame Games...or someone using that name recently joined this very forum and there history with the game suggests its more than likely to happen. But Ultimately the decision will be up to them

    You could contact them directly and ask the question via their contact page you can find through here [url][/url]

    and if you weren't already aware of it they've put together a rather nifty tool to make custom cards for the existing version of Battle for Souls which can be found at the same link.

  3. Jim (@Lucky seven) - thanks very much for answering questions and for mentioning the soul card creator. I've just completed a couple of tutorial videos and need to get them posted.

    @heyhogan - Robert, TTS, and I have not had a chance to discuss adding the 2nd edition content to the DLC. That's very kind of Robert to offer and I hope we can add it to the game. I expect if it happens, it will be later in the year when the 2nd edition hits retail shelves.

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    I've also backed this Second Battle for Souls edition and from the Campaign notes it looks like it will be around December for Fulfilment, So I'll look forward to seeing a TTS update around then .......with a bit of Luck

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