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Thread: Zones easier to work with

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    Zones easier to work with

    1. The biggest thing I would want from zones was to be able to add points like a vector rather than just square boxes.
    2. The ability to make them a lot darker while you work with them.
    3. Start a new zone inside another one without deleting the first zone. Perhaps using shift click to delete zones.
    4. Snap to grid.
    5. Connect one zone to others, so removing zone A also removes zone B and C but removing zone B does not remove zone A.
    6. Ability to set hidden state of a zone with a tool, so you can show something to the players without removing the zone.
    7. The ability to make the black zones totally invisible to players.
    8. Not having hands and objects in hands become invisible while entering someone elses zone until you drop the item.
    9. Snap to edge of other zones.

    Just a few things that popped up on my first test with the zone tool.


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    I'd like the snap to grid feature for sure, would be way easier than editing the JSON to make zone sizes/rotations/locations pretty.

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    I would add to this that the ability to move objects around using the Grab tool while you have switched Zones to be visible to yourself would be useful - at the moment I have to keep switching between the two modes to remind myself where zones are while I lay out tables.

    Edit: Is the "gear" icon for options for hand-zones supposed to have been removed, by the way? I don't seem to see it anymore when I right-click on a hand zone.

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