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Thread: Extreme Desyncing / Hosting Issues

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    [SOLVED] Extreme Desyncing / Hosting Issues

    This issue has been solved. For all those experiencing my issue, I've found that updating my network adapter drivers fixed the issue. I hope this topic can be of use to others.

    This game was gifted to me two days ago and I love the idea behind it, being able to play board games with my friends which I have no means of actually being able to do because they live far away. It opens a lot of possibilities in that realm of things.

    However, the issue at hand is that I can't seem to keep a stable server up. I am aware of the steps required to host a server, I host every server that my group of friends and I play on but this game has stopped me dead in my tracks in that regard.

    UPDATE: I have just tested hosting on the same modem with a computer running Ubuntu 14.04. It seems to work perfectly on this system. So I have become convinced that this issue is not related to my ISP or Modem and I now believe that it is solely an issue with my main computer.

    What kinds of programs could cause an issue like this?

    System Information:
    • Windows 10
    • 8GB RAM
    • Intel i7-3770 3.4 GHz
    • Motorola Surfboard Modem SBG6580

    My ISP is Comcast Xfinity

    The values in my port forwarding settings are correct and correspond with every other working port that I have.

    I have also tested many of my other open ports as well as exhausting nearly every advanced server setting that this game allows trying to find a combination that works, to no avail.

    I have followed the steps listed [URL=""]here[/URL] as well as browsing many other forum posts regarding this.

    I have restarted my computer.
    I have restarted my modem.
    I have restarted Steam.
    I have reinstalled this game.
    I have verified the integrity of my game cache.
    I have removed any trace of a workshop subscription.
    I have no antivirus to block the game.
    I have allowed it through my Windows firewall both privately and publicly.

    Here is an example of the desyncing if anyone is curious.

    Finally, if I come across as being annoyed, I am. This game is amazing as it is and I would hate for the experience to be ruined because I can't manage to fix my networking issues with this game. I appreciate any help.
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    Thanks for letting us know what fixed it for you.

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