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Thread: Object state control with Vive

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    Lightbulb Object state control with Vive

    Is it me or is the object state controller just randomly cycling through states? My suggestion is that clicks cycle sequentially forward (right hand) and backward (left hand). Alternatively, hold down the control (like the teleport) and spin the other hand controller like a scroll wheel (like Steam controller scroll wheel or old Apple ipod wheel) to scroll through a pop-up menu for object states, and press trigger to select.

    I realize it's all alpha - this is just how I would implement it.

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    Hey scoob Welcome to the community

    It seems random because it currently is

    At the moment you can't directly select a state without opening the custom menu. What's happening is your shuffling the states when you hit Rise on the controller whilst pointing at the stated object.

    This is because rise and shuffle share the same Key. "R" which is a carry over from the Non VR version.

    I'd definitely be in favour of seeing this looked at so any changes to how it works now would get my support

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