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Thread: Let us allow to specify a <deck-information-file> when creating a custom card deck

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    Let us allow to specify a <deck-information-file> when creating a custom card deck

    When you create a custom deck (chest->custom object->custom deck) I can only specify the face.png. This is fine. But I would like to be able to specify an additional file ([url][/url]) that describes the cards in the face.png.

    example (for the DLC Mistfall):

    0,Sacrifice,DIVINE,HOLY,Basic Feat
    1,Fist of Dawn,DEVINE,FLAME,PRAYER,Basic Feat

    Each line represents a single card in the face.png describing that card. The first number is the index in the face.png. The rest are comma-seperated words that belong to that card. Optionally you can omit the index, because its obsolete. Because each line in the file represents each card in the face.png.

    Then we would be able to specify the name and tags of each card. The search window (right click on a card->search) would make sense then. You would be able to search for card names and card tags.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Makes sense to me. I love the idea. For scripting, it would also make scoring/tracking cards a lot easier.

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    I had made a similar request some time ago [url][/url]

    I like your idea giving cards a list of attributes. Please devs please improve the custom deck creation in some of the suggested ways.

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