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Thread: Crashes when loading custom games

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    Crashes when loading custom games

    At least I think that's what is causing the game to crash. I've tried multiple things to try and fix the issue but nothing helped.
    I'm on Windows 10, game version 7.6
    Here's the crash report the game spat out: [URL=""]here[/URL]

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    Hey Cheesus.... Welcome to the Community

    Is it custom Games in general or one or more specific games that are causing you issues.

    If its the later could you post up a couple of links to the offending mods and we can have a look to see if the way they're optimised is having a detrimental effect on your system.

    What are your system spec's like ?

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    So far I've only tried it with [URL=""]Anno Domini[/URL] which works perfectly fine for the friends I was trying to play with, which is why I assume the custom game is not to blame. It also crashes when I try it in single player.
    I'm on:
    Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz 4.40 GHz
    4GB RAM
    32-bit Windows 10
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    Edit: Tried some other custom games, crashes just the same.
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    Sorry for the double post but can I please get some help? I spent money on this game and can't even play it.

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    I really don't want to get on anyone's nerves but I do think I deserve for this game to work. I have given you all the info I can so please help me out!

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    Hi Cheesus - is this happening on ALL custom games or only a select few?

    Mods can vary because these are created by the user and not us. As such, a lot of the time the modders don't use best practices and load up huge files and decks that aren't filled up properly. So if you are only crashing with certain mods, then please let the modder know on his/her Workshop page.

    Otherwise, you can try going into the Configuration menu, then Graphics tab and uncheck the Full Size Textures box and see if that helps. Since you have just 4GB of ram, it's possible it's just eating it all up causing it to crash. Just play around with your settings, making the quality lower, etc until it doesn't crash.

    Also make sure you have nothing else running in the background. Are you getting messages in chat about ram usage?

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    As I've said it crashes with every mod I tried. I obviously can't check every custom game ever created so I can't say for certain.

    Turning off Full Size Textures allows me to load one of the mods (the first one I tried) as long as I only use one of the three decks, which leads me to believe that it really is a ram issue or something like that. But that is still ridiculous. I set all settings to lowest - obviously - and tried without anything else running in the background.

    If that is really the extent of what I can play with this because my PC is just that ass-y then I guess I'm just really disappointed but it's not exactly your fault.

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    A lot of the mods will have a lot of high textures or tons of objects, so this could be the case, especially with you only having 4GB of ram and if you have other programs running in the background.

    If it's not crashing for you with the base games (chess, etc), then it's an issue with the mods and your ram. If it's also crashing on the base games, then post your DxDiag.

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