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Thread: BUG Confirmation: OBJ files don't follow OBJ texture maps

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    BUG Confirmation: OBJ files don't follow OBJ texture maps

    It seems that when I import custom objects, if they comprise of multiple meshes which each have their own UV texture mappings (but using the same texture map file) the textures are not rendered properly.

    For example, I created a Clock object consisting of a wooden box, a clock face and 2 clock hands. Using a single texture map, I UV mapped the wooden texture portions of the texture file to the wooden box. I UV mapped the clock face portion of the texture map to the clock face component and I UV mapped the hands portion of the texture map to the clock hands. However, when I imported this object and its texture map into TTS, the texture was all messed up. The wooden box portion may have been correct but the face was not texture properly and neither was the clock hands.

    I went back to my OBJ editor and joined solids to generate one mesh instead of multiple meshes. Then I applied a planar UV mapping over the entire object. When I loaded that in TTS, it worked fine but a planar projection causes the clock face to show up on both the front and back of the clock (which is undesirable). When I added a panel to the OBJ to cover up the back and UV mapped that individually, once again, the texture mapping did not show correctly (the panel remain texture like the back of the clock instead of having its own UV mapping).

    It almost looks to me like TTS is ignoring the texture mapping inside the OBJ file (or at least some of it) and is applying planar projection of the texture file onto the object.

    Anyone else found issues with texture files mapping correctly in TTS?

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    I'd have to see your OBJ's and Texture map to tell you exactly what going on in this situation.

    Buts its perfectly acceptable for multiple meshes to draw from the same texture as long as your UV's are handled properly.

    more than happy to take a look at it for you if your willing to share the relevant files

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    Hmmm...It seems to have been some sort of a caching issue apparently. When I first created the object, it had the wrong texture on the back plate. When I reload the game today to work on it, the texture was correct. I'll keep an eye on this and see if it reappears.

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    Do you have Mod caching enabled in the configuration menu ?

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    Indeed I do. According to the description, it seems I need to turn this off in order to re-load a different image with the same URL. That might have been my problem because I did update the texture at one point. Thanks.

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