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Thread: [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

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    [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

    The relative peace that has resided for over five hundred years between the kingdoms of this world may soon come to an end.

    To the East, in the forested lands of Lerya, the Royal House of the elves is shattered. The king has died under mysterious circumstances, and his daughter, the heir to the throne has vanished. The prince has claimed the throne, but little remains known about his intentions. To the West, in Zephyras, the windy realm of the humans and halflings, the council of Humanity continue their internal political struggles out of earshot of the common man. The appointed Emperor and Worldbearer continues his eternal work, as he seeks out and destroys the Phenomena that have always ailed these lands - strange beasts and dangerous artifacts that would threaten to destroy the civilized races. War drums are heard to the north, where savage beings such as the orcs draw ever closer, with rumors of an army being amassed. And little news have come from the southern lands of Jörden lately, where the powerhouse that is the dwarven-gnomish coalition for once remains silent.

    More guards wander the streets of the cities nowadays. The Phenomena have become more prevalent. The leaders of this world await the future, and the future is war. And in the middle of this mess, rumors of a necromancer with god-like powers have appeared...

    The question now is what you will do. Will you flee, clinging to your life in the hopes that better men will come to save the day? Or will you stand tall, awaiting fortune or the lack there of? Will you capitalize what may soon be a world torn asunder by war? Or will you aid the helpless, protect the innocent and perhaps even save the Civilized Lands? Only time can tell.

    ************************************************** *******

    Hopefully the intro text above isn't too much. Anyway, the name's Jeff! I've started a campaign with my good friends Niekie and Overmind Zerg, with me as the DM. We've already played a few session together, and we're hoping to find one or two more players who'd be interested in playing. The system is D&D 3.5e (SRD only), and the campaign is kind of RP-focused, albeit with plenty of combat (and skill checks, for that matter). We're looking for players that are either good at roleplaying, or willing to take the step and get better at it. Knowing the system is not a prerequisite - I will be available for teaching the basics, as well as for creating characters. Time would be most likely Saturdays, 9 PM CET, although we'll PM you if we decide to have a session/one-shot on a different time. Munchkins and rude players beware, for these are sacred grounds thou step upon, lest ye walk the path of the Banhammer. If you are interested, reply to this post and drop me a PM. I will arrange for a "screening process", which may or may not be just us playing some cards together to figure out if you're cool or not.

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    [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

    i would love to join the only issue is the time. Hopfully you guys do find some people though.

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    [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

    Sure. The time suits me well. It's a shame it's a Sunday now, so I'll have to wait a whole week for another session!

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    [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

    Sounds fun! I could join.

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    [DD 3.5e] Looking for 1-2 players for a campaign!

    Could a mod close this post? We've found enough players to join the campaign as of right now.

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