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    Hidden Zones tool

    Just working with the hidden zones too. Is there anyway to stop it from hiding all the objects that touch it and only hide the actual section that you cover? If not this might be something that could be changed would make hiding sections of dungeons a whole lot easier without leaving huge holes where a tiny bit of a wall is touching the hidden zone and it all disappears.

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    Not that I know of. I actually posted a related post where this becomes a significant issue. Basically if you have two player hand areas beside each other, the automatic rearranging of the player hand can cause the first card to exit the player hand area a bit and potentially touch the other player hand area. Because, similar to hidden areas, only a touch is needed to be part of the player hand (or hidden area) the rearranging was actually causing cards to swap over to the other hand area.

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    Currently you need to set objects you don't wont to be hidden to "Board" in their custom properties menu...which whilst useful in some situations can cause knock on problems further down the line.
    As you also have to deal with all the other effects and limits setting an object to Board can its a bit of a double edged sword I'm afraid,

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