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Thread: In Hand Card Image - Hacking The Save Game File

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    In Hand Card Image - Hacking The Save Game File

    A while back I used the Deck Editor to create a deck for my workshop. The deck contains 200 cards and the import worked great.

    Once I verified the cards I went through the pain-taking process of naming each card because I find it easier to identify cards (later in events) by a name as opposed to some GUID which I need to map to a specific card.

    After completing the process, I started to play with player hand areas and discovered that my deck seems to use the same image for the back of the cards as it uses for the front of the cards when in another player's hand area.

    I saw some other workshops which used two different images so it was possible to determine if the card is face up or face down in a player's hand without being able to see the contents. Although it does not really reflect reality, I like this idea.

    I am fairly sure it was some option that I overlooked in the import process that is causing my back and hidden front images to be the same. Obviously I don't want to scrap my deck and make a new one because then I would have to name all 200 cards again. So that leads me to the question:

    Is there a Save Game hack (i.e. a change in the save game file) that I can do to correct my current deck so that it uses different images for the back of the card and the front of the card when in another player's hand?

    If it makes any difference my image files are currently stored locally (until I am ready release a workshop).

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    I was hoping a dev would give you a definite answer... but I'm willing to offer a guess.

    You *might* get away with it if you put the alternate card image (for cards in someone else's hand) in the bottom right position of your deck image matrix. That's what you should have done when you created the deck in the first place. That's documented in the deck creator info.

    You *might* also have to enable the "BackIsHidden" option for every card in the savegame JSON file, but that too is only a guess.

    Both of the above are pure speculation with no guarantee expressed or implied.

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    Thanks for the suggestions...I will give that a try tonight and see what happens (after backing up my save game).

    EDIT: Worked like a charm. I needed to modify the image file (I decided to create an new image file and do a mass replace in the save game) and I needed to set the BackIsHidden to false. Once I did that and loaded the game, it worked perfectly.
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