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Thread: Dice / Deck + Number

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    Question Dice / Deck + Number

    The help image inside TTS indicates under the Tips section to mouse over a die or deck and type a number.

    I have tried doing this (i.e. mousing over a deck and press 1 through 9) but I don't see any results.

    What is this function supposed to do?

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    With a die it will rotate the upper face to the number pressed and with a deck it will draw that number of cards to your hand.

    you can also go above 9 with these commands.

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    Thanks for the info. When using numbers above 9 do you need to press ENTER or some other key to indicate that the number is complete or once you stop typing it interprets the number?

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    once you stop typing it interprets the number?
    This one....... There is I think a time out limit between keystrokes...but to be honest I haven't sat down and worked out what the maximum permissible pause time is between presses.

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    After the first keypress it will wait 2 seconds (if there are more numbers available starting with that digit) for you to type another number in. If you don't press another number it will just go to that single digit.

    On a D20:
    Press 1 -> 2 Second Timer Begins -> No Key Press -> 2 Second Timer Ends -> Die Switches to 1.
    Press 2 -> 2 Second Timer Begins -> Press 0 -> Die Switches to 20.
    Press 3 -> Die Switches to 3.

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