Currently, we can click on a deck of cards and draw 1 card or cut a deck in half or shuffle. We cannot simply draw X amount of cards or pick up X amount of cards from top of a deck. This feature would be useful because for many card games. In Yugioh, we have a main deck, side deck, and an extra deck. All of this is in one 70-card sprite sheet. A person has to sort and separate this 1 large 70 card pile into these three things. I don't want to create 3 sprite sheets since that takes more memory.

I've prearranged my sprite file such that cards numbered 1-40 are in my main deck, 41-55 are extra, 56-70 are side. So if I have a function that allows me to pick the top 15 cards of my deck and place them in my side deck zone, it would be very useful rather than me picking 1 card at a time.

The same goes for searching a card from the deck and adding it to your hand or field.