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Thread: Allow for embedding images/models directly into mods/games

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    Allow for embedding images/models directly into mods/games

    I know it would increase download size of each game, but I think this is worth implementing as webhost images sometimes can't load properly. I've just had a displeasure of witnessing it. Just bought the game during the sale and wanted to start with some simple stuff, like Ludo downloaded from Workshop. Then I've posted into in-game chat so I can find someone to play with. It loaded just fine for me, but for that person board remained white, probably due to a timeout or something.

    Otherwise when for whatever reason imgur or pastebin (for obj models) goes down, the game becomes unplayable. I've seen it happen to other games/apps that relied on third-party service being up and running to work.

    So my suggestion would be to embed images and other game content directly into the game file. If for some reason it has to be text-only, there's base64 encoding. Obviously to be backwards-compatible url option should remain, but it should be discouraged (and game should bake downloaded images into the workshop item next time they are updated).

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    There's plenty of reasons to argue against that.

    An alternative, though, is that you can upload the asset files into your SteamCloud and and directly link from there -- they made it so you can do this all in-game now.

    Note that steam cloud has a limit though, so if you make a lot of heavy mods, this may not be ideal.

    Likely more stable than a the cubeuploads, pastee, etc.

    I use google drive. I figure that one will be around a while and normally higher stability than most.

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    The reason it has been done the way it has, is to provide legal separation for Berserk from the mods that people are making and the copyrighted imagery being used in them without permission. I am frankly surprised that Steam is allowing its cloud services to be used this way.

    While your suggestion has merit from a users point of view, it'll never happen.

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    Plenty of other games have mods with copyrighted stuff without such weird url hijinks, Skyrim being the top offender AFAIK and yet their authors have had no troubles with these things. Plus Workshop's TOS protects game developers' butts in case of eventual lawsuit as it clearly states that the modders are responsible for their content, not game's developer.

    So legal argument is BS imo.

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