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Thread: Blurred textures strike again

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    Angry Blurred textures strike again


    I'm sure this has been brought up in the past for people but for me this bug is different.

    My entire history has been bug free with Tabletop simulator but this patch for some reason hates me.

    Before you blow up with things to do, here's an EXTENSIVE list of what I've done:

    - Restarted my computer
    - Uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card
    - Changed graphics card settings to quality, not performance
    - Checked cache integrity
    - Deleted local content
    - Complete manual uninstall AND reinstall of tabletop simulator
    - Tweaked EVERY COMBINATION of video settings in the game from resolution, on/off AA SoA, texture quality, default settings, and so on.
    - Removed the folder in My Games including save files.
    - Updated my graphics card... twice.
    - Reverted computer back 2 days before the update

    You name it, I've done it. I've NEVER had this bug before and today of all days when I'm finished with a workshop mod and I want to release it, this patch tears me a new one like wtf...

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    Finally found the solution. Apparently when I was manually uninstalling and reinstalling, I missed one file in the My Games folder.

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