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Thread: Traveller Roleplay

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    Traveller Roleplay

    I am considering starting up a traveller campaign on TTS. I havent ran Traveller before but I am an experienced game master in other systems. I am just wondering if anyone is interested in joining.

    I would want anywhere from 4-6 players. It would probably be a weekly or bi-weekly game done in the afternoons. If the group wanted to play extra games throughout the week sometimes that would be optional.

    Mics will be required, 18 and older, but exceptions may be made for 16 and up if they are mature enough. No rude people.

    I would love to run the game with inexperienced roleplayers, so if you have never played traveller or any roleplaying game at all and want to try, you are definitely welcome.

    So lemme know if you are interested. If you have any questions please ask on this forum.

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    I forgot to mention what Traveller is for new players. It is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the future. The campaign will feel a little like the show Firefly combined with other sci-fi themes. And to not scare of inexperienced players, when I say roleplay, I don't mean you have to speak in a voice or act out things. I am fine with players just stating what they want to do and say and the roll for results.

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    I havent played Travaller since the '80s but would like to try it again if your have one going

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