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Thread: update() function doesn't affect camera?

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    Question update() function doesn't affect camera?

    counterGUID, counter = "e2b243", {}
    camParams = {}
    function onload()
        counter = getObjectFromGUID(counterGUID)
        camParams.object = counter
        camParams.offset = nil
    function update()
        if Player["Blue"].seated == true then
    I wanted to try and make my camera always follow an object, so that when I move it my camera follows along. It only seems to work once though and then it stops working?

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    I thought that was what attachCameraToObject did, you specify an object and the camera follows it. No need to keep telling the camera to follow that object over and over again in the update function. Or am I misunderstanding your situation?

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    I'm able to de-centre the camera on the object by using the WASD keys. Shouldn't the update() function stop that from being able to happen?

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