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Thread: Getting text on an object/multiplacation of 2 text fields

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    Getting text on an object/multiplacation of 2 text fields

    what i am trying to do is make a character sheet for the anime themed RPG BESM 3ed and i have the sheet but i need scripting help. most of it is text box's anyways so i just need that but i think 6 box's are a combo of the other box's times a number. any help would be appreciated.

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    Usually numbers and strings are interchangeable. But if not, there is tonumber(string) and tostring(number). But I may not be understanding what your question is.

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    call me a noob on the lua scripting so i first need to know how to make text appear on the object in this case a character sheet but then i need to have 6 text fields be the sum of a group of numbers to give you an example here. besm is a tri stat system focusing on body, mind and soul now one of the box's is attack combat value witch reads ACV=(B+M+S)/3 so how would that work in TTS lua scripting?

    If this is not in the rules then you can remove link but it help for what i want to achieve. [url][/url] this is an excellent character sheet by a great fellow and what inspierd me to make the character sheet scripted in the first place as i want to open the door on scripted character sheets to make TTS faster and eayser for PnP RPGs.
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    That is very nice. Looks like he manipulates the text tool to write on the board, and buttons to change values.

    Sorry, I still do all my writing by using buttons that have no click function as little displays. No experience manipulating the text tool currently.

    EDIT: Oh, hey, I learned something. I took a look at that person't code. Apparently it isn't the text tool. It is a button. A button with a width/height of 0. That is how they place text onto the page.
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    thats good you learnd something new but i am still clueless about even getting a button on to an object.

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    [url][/url] (for the commands in scripting which make buttons)

    If you need need to learn basic scripting in order to learn how to make buttons. This tutorial was designed to try to be an entry-level guide to Lua in Tabletop Simulator. Part of what it teaches is how to create buttons. But if you want to be able to change those numbers, you will probably need a lot of buttons and coding to make them functional.

    This tutorial: [url][/url]

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    Marlow, the author of the Star Wars character sheet, is an awesome guy. He might help you achieve what your after if you message him.

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    he is an awesome guy and i have been.

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