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Thread: Object rotation

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    Object rotation

    I think an old topic needs to be revisited in light of the injuries that occur in this game. It would be very convenient if we could:

    1. Rotate objects on all three axes, and
    2. Have an option to not automatically stand them up when picked up, and
    3. A keybind to "straighten up" a held object, resetting its orientation.

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    in light of the injuries that occur in this game
    That's an invitation to a question if ever I read one injuries ?
    and could you elaborate on how implementing these points would effect/improve the DLC "The Captain is Dead"

    for example your point the existing Gizmo tool not suitable for the function you've described, as it does pretty much what your after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky seven View Post
    That's an invitation to a question if ever I read one injuries ?
    I've personally never played The Captain Is Dead specifically, but "generally", if a character/player is dead, then the character's figurine is knocked over on it's side, to make it look like they are dead. I'm guessing the auto-straightening is from the figurines being set as "Figurine" in the Custom Model import window - which would be the cause of the behavior of them auto-standing upright when you pick them up.

    I think a solution would be to make a copy of the figurine, then change the model type of the copy in the import menu to "General". Then create a Stated figurine from both of them, where one state is of it standing or "Alive", and the other is of the figurine on it's side, "Dead".

    Also, concerning the Gizmo Tool, it IS a solution - however if you are not the Host, then you have no access to the Gizmo Tool. So, if the figurines were stated, with a state for Alive and one for Dead, that would basically solve 2 of his problems(which are the main ones, I think). Because with the "Dead" state as a "General" model, it shouldn't automatically stand up when you pick it up. At least I don't think so - might depend on how the model is made.
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    In The Captain Is Dead, if a character is injured, the rules say to lay them down. While tipping them over sideways is fine, sometimes I would prefer to knock them over straight back, which is not possible. And it looks awkward if they roll or get bumped.

    As for the gizmo tool, this is highly inconvenient... especially considering the injured characters must still move, resetting their rotation when grabbed. It seems to me implementing a shift+Q/E to rotate along the missing axis is a much better solution, and why not? This function shouldn't be missing in the first place. Turning them on their side each time the piece is moved really isn't that bad, but I thought I would bring this up anyway because there is room for improvement.

    It's a good game, by the way. You should both try it.

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