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Thread: Cards being duplicerad when shuffling cards in hand(!)

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    Exclamation Cards being duplicerad when shuffling cards in hand(!)

    I just had a really painful session where I was trying to show off how great Tabletop Simulator is to a friend who had just gotten the game by playing one of my mods. We ran into two bugs, the game breaking one being the one already reported [URL=""]here[/URL] making the cards in opponent's hands visible to each player (without being on the same team and neither player as player black).

    The other bug was more confusing. In my game you want to shuffle the cards you are holding in hand, while you are holding them in your hand. I've done this before without problem, so I described to my friend how to do it:
    1. You have 7 cards in your starting hand.
    2. Drag and drop a rectangle around all 7 cards in your hand.
    3. Pick up the cards.
    4. Shake your cursor within your hand box.

    This resulted in 3 of the cards in the hand stacking together and falling through the hand onto the table. (Not surprising since stacked cards can't be held in a hand.) What was surprising was that my friend still had 7 cards in hand! So 3 of the cards had been cloned. Even more confusing, the cloned cards looked to have the back side on both of the sides for me, while they looked to have a front side and a back side to him, even though the cards were flat on the table. (This leads me to think that this *might* somehow be linked with the bug I linked to first in this post.)

    When I tried to replicate the behavior with me being the one that shook around cards I selected in *his* hand the same this happened again, with 3 other cards being cloned, so it's not just a case of my friend accidentally pressing Ctrl-V after having pressed Ctrl-C on some cards.

    Let's just say that the session ended without any game being played and my friend did not get the best impression of Tabletop Simulator...

    EDIT: I just logged on to see if I could replicate this again myself. It won't happen with a normal deck of cards (as far as I can tell), and it won't always happen (I just heard a developer groan loudly) but I did manage to replicate it on the first try by loading [URL=""]this[/URL] mod, selecting all cards in hand and shaking and then releasing them. So possibly something to do with the unique card back and use back as hidden?
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    I agree this bug should be hunted down and destroyed (the only good bug is a dead bug).

    If it helps until then,[URL=""] I made a scripted shuffler[/URL] that should help get around the issue for now.

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    Same bug as the one reported in the OP but perhaps I can shed a little more light on the bug since I've found that it isn't linked to shuffling as was thought.
    This is how I do it:
    1) Click and hold left click on a card
    2) Right Click on the cards you wish to duplicate
    3) Bring the cards into a hand zone
    4) Press the G button (group)

    This is a big issue because it is an easy way to troll or crash servers (if dealing is allowed then you can lag players or even crash servers in some circumstances).

    Thanks and I hope that this helps with fixing this issue.

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    Yeah, this looks to be the same issue, at least sort of. My described way to trigger the duplication never presses G, so unless there's some sort of automatic grouping going on when releasing multiple selected cards in a hand zone there's something more going on here.

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