Here's a tl;dr link to the video that gives an overview of most of the features (best on a device that supports YouTube annotations): [url]https://youtu.be/4TAsX67EkBI[/url]

I finally have this to a point that it's fit for public release. A big thanks to vbwyrde & TiaDoll for final testing and suggestions, and to those of you who encouraged me to try/finish this. I hope it's a useful toolkit for those who are trying to use TTS in robust 3D gaming environments, whether that's RPGing or just having fun with VR.

The workshop description has the best written documentation available right now. Updates with more features and better documentation (including more videos) will be coming shortly.

I'm happy with how this system turned out. I worked with a number of DM's and map-builders while developing these tools, so I think they're robust and usable in a lot of different ways. I'm excited to see how other people use them!

Please post any questions, comments or suggestions.