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Thread: Impact Gaming Community LF Board Gamers

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    [NA][Discord] Impact Gaming Community LFM | THU/FRI@8PM / SAT@7PM EST

    Looking for a group of to play online board games with?
    Tired of always using pick-up groups to find players?
    Don’t want to get drowned in an ocean of thousands of players on Discord?

    Well then you might find a home at the Impact Gaming Community! We’re a mid-sized community where everyone has a voice.

    IGC’s Random Impact is a group of 20-30 players who enjoy board games. Whether it’s a hobby we grew up with or discovered as an adult, we love them all the same. The group has been around since 2015 and is always looking for players to expand our ranks. We play a variety of games from cooperative games like Pandemic to social manipulation games like Secret Hitler. Games which are selected by the members each week on a rotating schedule so everyone gets to pick before anyone picks twice.

    Here’s some information on the group to help you decide if you’d be interested in joining…
    • Schedule: Thursdays (8 PM EDT), Saturdays (7 PM EDT)
    • Sessions last about 2 hours on average.
    • Experience with board games is not required!
    • All games are played via Tabletop Simulator.
    • Game chat happens on our [url=]Discord[/url] server.
    • We use RSVP for games through
    • Pick-up games happens internally sometimes too.
    • We stream on Thursdays and have a [url=]Youtube[/url] archive of our videos!

    If you like what you’ve read so far, you can apply directly using [url=]this link[/url]

    For more information about Impact Gaming Community please visit our [url=]website[/url] or [url=] page[/url]. In short we are a multi-game community that has several gaming groups including Tabletop Simulator. We also have a [url=]steam group[/url] that anyone can join (but please apply first!)

    I am looking forward to hearing from some new folks soon! Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment post and I hope that we’ve piqued your interest.

    Have a wonderful day
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    Our group will return to playing regularly on Saturday January 7th at 3pm EDT. We're just on a little break for the holidays but I will respond to all interested players within 48h so send over the apps!

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    Just brought in a few good players for our Saturday games. Always looking for more so check us out!

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    Starting up recruitment once more! We now have a bi-weekly Thursday game available in addition to our weekly Saturday game. Come one, come all for the fun

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    I would love to join the group as I have been gaming since the age of 8. Since, Saturday is my fun day,I would likely join ou all for those precious two hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael33 View Post
    I would love to join the group as I have been gaming since the age of 8. Since, Saturday is my fun day,I would likely join ou all for those precious two hours.
    And we'd like to have you! Send us over an application and we'll get back to you by the end of the day

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    We've played so many games since our last update! We are looking for new members all the time btw.

    For those interested I've even added our Youtube channel to the OP so you can see some of our exploits!

    Apply today for a good time.

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    Another great month of gaming has come and gone for us! We are looking forward to picking up some new players in June so apply today!

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    Heyas all! We just got done playing a great game of Epic Spell Wars this past weekend! We are always open to taking on more gamers for TTS board games so if you are interested, send over an application!

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    The group will be playing Secret Hitler this week! Apply today to join a consistent group of weekend gamers who are looking to meet new players!

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    We've added Thursdays as a second official game night, but games are now happening throughout the week as we have added many more players! Come join us to experience board gaming in a well-mixed group of novices to experts!

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    We are accepting applications once again for players! We've got some fun games lined up for this week and would love to have you guys!

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    Come check us out if you're looking for a mid-sized group that plays TTS games regularly. We are always seeking regular players for our Thu and Sat games but also play pick-up games throughout the week!

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    We had a blast playing games these past few weeks, including Dungeon Run, Scotland Yard, Fury of Dracula, Unpleasantries, Not Alone, and Clank! Tons of fun so come join us!!!

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    Come on down and play some TTS games with us on Thursday and Saturdays! You are bound to have a good time!

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    We have a really great group of about a dozen players who would love to see our family expand! Check us out if you are looking for a nice, civil group of board game players who play 2-5x/week!

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    The group is seeking even more players to expand our schedule into additional off-nights! Send us an app for immediate consideration!

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    Got room for plenty of more players! Come check us out for a fun time on TTS!

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    OP Updated with all new information! We are waiting for YOU!

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    Recruitment is open once again! OP updated.

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    Our group is 30 players strong and always wanting more. Come check us out for a good time.

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    Always looking for players folks! Click that link to apply

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    We've got a great group of gamers playing Thursday through Saturday! If you're interested, check us out!

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    Got 15 members and we could always use more! Come on down if you are looking for a good small grouo to play TTS

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    Always looking for more! Check us out

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