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Thread: Looking for people to play boardgames and RPG's (GMT +1)

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    Looking for people to play boardgames and RPG's (GMT +1)

    I'm looking for people or a friend to try several board games with, I have always had love for board games but because of lack of friends with similar interest I rarely get the chance. Now I stumbled upon tabletop simulator on Steam and I'd love to sink my time into board games and RPG's like D&D. I have played D&D once as a DM and I love it, but I never got the chance to play again. Would love to find a group to play with and learn more about the game. If there is a group or a player looking for someone else to play with shoot me a message! I'm from the Netherlands and my timezone is GMT +1, thanks guys!

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    Hey, check out this post i made might peek your interest.


    Thanks, Noddy

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