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Thread: Cards do not stack properly for me.

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    Cards do not stack properly for me.

    I posted this a while back in the steam forums.. however no-one there seemed to have an answer.

    "I was just having a few games of draw 3 solitaire.

    Problem.. when I pick up 3 cards from the draw pile.. flip them .. and then put them down nine times out of ten they will stack in the wrong order, making a simple game of solitaire impossible.

    What can I do here?

    I took an "in order" deck .. drew 3 cards at a time.. flipped dropped over and over for the whole deck.. when I checked the deck.. the were ALL out of order.. "

    Now after a few patches I decided to go and try this again. Well lo and behold the cards do not stack properly still . How is it that a game based on playing with stacks of cards constantly puts them back in the deck in the wrong order when dropped. This happens sometimes even with picking up multiple cards from the deck at the same time.

    Any assistance with the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just tried what you described and it worked fine for me. I can drop a stack of 3 cards onto a stack and the modified stack will be in the correct sequence. I use only left click&drag with mouse to pick cards, and only 'F' to flip them.

    I tried setting a zero lift height to see if cards could be 'inserted' in a pile instead of dropping on top... nope.
    I tried the 3 gravity settings to see if that would affect how cards piled when dropped on a stack... nope.
    I tried combinations of the above... nope.

    I don't know what else to try.

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    3+ card stack bug

    Quote Originally Posted by dizneyguy View Post
    I don't know what else to try.
    I found this in the exact same manner - trying draw-3 solitaire.
    When right-clicking to pick up additional cards, whenever I pick up more than one card via right-clicking I get the bug described. The following video should show this behavior (using arbitrary sorted stacks):
    1) Spades - a stack of 2 is fine
    2) Hearts - a stack of 2 is fine
    3) Hearts - a stack of 3 is dorked - 2nd card depth will rise to the top
    4) Clubs - a stack of 2 is fine
    5) Diam - a stack of 4 is dorked - 2nd card depth will rise to the top

    Note that I am only able to get this behavior when incrementally picking up cards from a stack. It seems to require more than two objects, and it can occur when starting by picking up a stack and adding to it, but this is not repeatable - more worrisome since it is intermittent. The integrity of this functionality is very significant to reliable game play. This is the only place I was able to find this behavior discussed initally. The easiest way to find additional posts for me seems to be posting and then re-searching... presto!
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