Looking to get a game of Twilight Imperium 3, with all expansions going this Saturday starting at noon central time. Already have 4 player so looking for 2-4 more. Note this is a LONG game (we're talking up to 6 hours) so please do not throw your name in the hat if you cannot play for the entire game.

For those wondering what it is about, it is basically Game of Thrones mixed with a 4x space game with diplomacy, politics and passing of bills having as much impact as combat, research and conquest. It is a game where the first rule of the game, if you want to win, is to play your race.

If interested reply here with your Steam info, or add me as a friend (Meltdown, it is the one from Tulsa with the Troll from Talisman as an icon) and send me a message that you are wanting to participate and I will make sure to put you on the list.

Start time will be:
1pm EST

Plan for 6 hours playtime.

Due to the requirements for negotiation voice chat is also necessary.

Below is a list of resources for the game to see if you are interested:

Shut up and Sit down review of game:

Primer on the game:

and the rules:
Main game:

Shattered Empire:

Shards of the Throne: