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Thread: Looking for players to play Crusade&Revolution

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    Looking for players to play Crusade&Revolution

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone willing to play this.

    [URL=""]BGG Entry[/URL]

    Preferably someone who already knows the game, or at least familiar with Paths-of-glory game system and willing to learn. This is not a short game, so commitment is a must. I'm on GMT+1 so there's that also. I guess my chances are next to nil, but hey, got to try.

    The module is not public yet, but unless I messed somewhere I think it's finished now. Looks like this:

    -- Ahora en español... busco a alguien para jugar a Cruzada y Revolución, te enseño si no sabes, pero mejor si ya conoces el juego o al menos has jugado a PoG o algún juego similar. Gente seria, que pueda quedar con cierta regularidad para completar una partida. Y si juegas a wargames de cualquier tipo, también me interesa!
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