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Thread: Looking for players for a weekly d&d 5e campaign.

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    Looking for players for a weekly d&d 5e campaign.

    Time: We start anywhere around 13:00-17:00 on Sundays Gmt+2, and the game lasts 3-4hrs.
    Edition is 5e, some homebrewed stuff might be allowed if they fit in with the world.
    Stuff from other official wotc books like Eberron and SCAG will be allowed.
    Im looking for not necessarily super experienced players but ya have to know the basic rules cause i dont wanna be hand holding, it slow down the sessions.
    A good proper mic is required, not studio grade mic but no buzzing, no background noise etc.

    The world we playing in is called Tarie,l a massive world sprawling with all kinds of creatures and wildlife. The campaign starts off on the continent of Argarnorh and in the kingdom of Redwain, a nation on the brink of war.
    During these stressful times, the capitol has been experiecing some difficulties and problems with one of the nearby towns that are supplying them with resources needed for the war efforts. People have gone missing, the mayor of said town seems to be acting strangely and has been making some odd decicions that goes against the Councils will. Word has it that the mayor of this town has been overtaken or being controlled somehow. The town has a history of not agreeing with the councils decision and so to not upset the people by going in guns blazing, a group of trusted yet ''unknown'' people is being put together to go in and investigate the matter without raising suspicion.
    Now this does not mean you have to play a character that loves the king or the council or whatever, we can work your character getting the job however you want as long as it makes a bit of sense. Also when i said unknown i meant like your character isnt well known and wont be recognized, ya dont have to play sneaky characters :P

    If i missed anything which i prolly did, feel free to ask. :P

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    looks very intresting!, i would love to join you if you'd have me
    also i have a mate who is intrested too and would love to play some sort of freedom fighter in your world =P

    hopefully there's still spots!

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    I'd like to play.
    I have a character or two ready from whatever level though I wouldn't mind starting from one.

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    Interested too, would probably just play one of the base classes as my experience with D&D 5.e is not that much, only played a few IRL sessions, tell me if you got a spot

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