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Thread: Game crashes while starting

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    Game crashes while starting

    Hey guys,

    A friend of mine got a problem : while he launchs the game it starts in having black screen changes to a blank screen with a sound bug and then goes to a blue screen.

    We tried everything to fix it but nothing worked

    We would appreciate any help

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    Hey Zerakal welcome to the community

    can you post up the spec on your friends system.

    and give us an idea of what you've tried so far to fix it.

    When exactly does the crash occur..Can they get as far as the intro vid before it happens ?

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    Thanks for the fast answer

    His System : Windows 10
    gpu : ADM Radeon HD 7600M
    Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHZ
    6 GB RAM

    We tried to run the game as administrator, start it with different graphic settings, we reinstalled microsoft visual c++ 2010 and 2015, redownloaded and reinstalled it and we checked if the antivirus software blocks the game (it dosnīt).

    It crashes directly after he started the game so he dosnīt even get to the intro.

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    Can you try this:

    In the library, right click on Tabletop Simulator
    Click on 'Set Launch Options'
    In the slot, type in: -novid

    And let us know if that gets you passed the loading screen without crashing. If not make sure the graphics drivers are all up to date and If none of that works, please post your DxDiag for us to look at.

    In spoiler tags as its going to be quite long

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    First : The soundbug is not a problem any longer and Iīm sure that fixed it.

    To the dxdiag thing: He alredy gets a bluescreen when he tries to the launch dxdiag so I think the problem is caused by his hardware but Iīm not sure about that.

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    In my experience Blue screen crashes have generally denoted some kind of operating system failure rather than a specific application issue...and the application is just the trigger of the underlying problem.

    I'd double check and update all the drivers if I were you.

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    Ok thanks for your help

    But it dosnīt make any sence that he can play other games which got advanced graphics then tabletop Simulator ... there are no reasons for a blue srceen because all drivers are up to date ...
    Last edited by Zerakal; 10-08-2016 at 01:11 PM.

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    ah but the blue screen occurs with a windows program witch means the os is having some errors so my advice is to run chkdsk and fix all the problems and i would say do a defrag but if it's on an SSD then that would be bad.

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    Its a shame but he gave it up to fix it and want to get rid of the game
    So I think this discussion does not make any sense any longer

    Iīm sorry for wasting your time

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