I made a blackjack table designed to be modified by anyone. I even created a power-up system that gives you a list of possible effects (redraw hand, clear hand, add to hand, swap hands, copy hand, etc etc etc) and a list of eligible targets (player only, dealer only, any player, anyone, other player) and combine them to create many different power-ups. All it takes to add a new one is a model set to be a figurine, a unique name on the figurine, and to enter the name, the effect and the possible targets into a single line.

People who KNOW scripting might also be able to get a lot out of this. I tried to make it easy to call on new effect functions you might add. Scripting knowledge is a must to add brand new types of effects that aren't currently listed as being available.

I also tried to make it lightweight. A single timer runs all of the card zone counters, and most of the code is in Global.