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    Universal Blackjack Table


    I made a blackjack table designed to be modified by anyone. I even created a power-up system that gives you a list of possible effects (redraw hand, clear hand, add to hand, swap hands, copy hand, etc etc etc) and a list of eligible targets (player only, dealer only, any player, anyone, other player) and combine them to create many different power-ups. All it takes to add a new one is a model set to be a figurine, a unique name on the figurine, and to enter the name, the effect and the possible targets into a single line.

    People who KNOW scripting might also be able to get a lot out of this. I tried to make it easy to call on new effect functions you might add. Scripting knowledge is a must to add brand new types of effects that aren't currently listed as being available.

    I also tried to make it lightweight. A single timer runs all of the card zone counters, and most of the code is in Global.

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    Hey MrStump,

    I am not a Blackjack Player, but I downloaded your mod because it looked crazy-busy-cool. I don't know what is possible for a single player, but I clicked on everything an browsed the scripts. I find other people's scripts like reading Swahili, which, by the way, I can't read. Same is true of other people's scripts. The presentation, art and and interface really made me want to play... but I finally concluded that a single player was not able to get the game running. Nice work, I hope others are playing.

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    I had updated it since launch, so if you feel an urge to play single player blackjack, you can. First get yourself a starter bag with some currency, and pull out the powerup bag, setting it off to the side. Then sit in a player chair and hit Deal. It will deal yourself and the dealer cards. Click your score display to hit, click the dealer's to have the dealer take card. If you win hit Pay, lose hit Clear, then deal again. When you get blackjack, or every X many minutes, give yourself a powerup as a prize. But without other people, I don't know how exciting it will be. You could also change the hidden zone's color, grab a player seat to match and then open up the game. Be both the host and a player.

    I think the main draw of these tables are the prizes and the "leveling up" to huge dollar amounts. Plus powerups, special rounds, special rules, bonus rounds, etc that so many people add, plus decorative figurines to win/buy. Little status items. This is the bare-bones version of those tables. I didn't automate it as much as is possible (auto-hitting dealer instead of on-click) but its pretty close. But the design was to be a foundation for others to build off of, since I've talked to nearly a dozen or more people now all trying to work out card-counting and chip converts and such. So I made a version that is (more) easily modifiable than what is available. And I tried to put a little polish on.

    And thank you very much for the feedback and kind words, I appreciate hearing it =) I wouldn't be surprised if a huge amount of people don't host this table, but I am excited to see if anyone builds off of it.
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