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Thread: New DM Tools

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    New DM Tools

    I've put together a few DM Tools. They have proven to be very useful. I hope you have time to check them out.


    This is a preview video. The Workshop will drop this Friday, 14. TTS is Everygame!

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    Respectfully, this looks like you combined a simplified version of my Scene System mod with Almega's Shadow Grid mod and added a different trigger mechanism (except the table image stuff, because that's already built in to TTS). If you didn't do that, no worries. But, did you do that?

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    This Stage mechanic predated your scene system as seen in my video from the beginning of the year (I kinda figured that is what inspired you). As for the shadows, those were also in my video from earlier this year. Although I knew others were using shadows when I build that module and it sounded like a great idea.

    As for comparisons between your Scene System and my Stage, I believe that they have different audiences. Your mod is more for designers and high-end game prep, mine is more for speed and can be used on the fly. I think they are quite different in design and function. Your video spoke of loot, encounters and interactive card placement. My SkyBox simply remembers where everything on the table is (changing and fluid) and puts in back instantly based in a viewable area (not just the Set objects).

    Our projects are guided by what we have been imagining since the 1970s; there is bound to be a great deal of overlap. Don’t take it to heart. A truly original idea is very rare, and I haven't seen one in TTS (or had one myself) in well… ever.

    I think the work you are doing for the community is phenomenal. Many people will get great use from your Scene System, others may find that SkyBox fits their needs -- or, with TTS, they might just make their own.

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    You simply didn't answer my question, and you made some statements and assumptions about Scene System that are completely wrong. For instance, the fundamental premise of what it actually does, which is precisely the placement and remembering of assets (dynamically) on the table. Your video did not predate my creation of Scene System, only its public release. In fact, at the time of your video I also asked you if you had taken code from Dungeon System, and as with this time, you gave an evasive answer. Finally, I know very well the timeline and source ideas for Almega's Shadow Grid mod, and you are not part of that timeline (but I see it incorporated here). Your "stage mechanic" is, as I mentioned originally, not in question. It seems to be one of the few original things here, along with the table image stuff.

    So I have to say, you have simply made me more suspicious of what you've actually done. I am not "taking it to heart", I'm asking you to say very specifically if you've lifted any portions of my code.

    Look, no one has a monopoly on mods or fun ideas for TTS, and I'm not trying to assert that at all. But when you start lifting complete concepts from other people, call them your own, and don't give appropriate credit, you're being dishonest with the TTS community, and to the original authors themselves. I've spent many many hours working out how to do what's done in Scene System, and believe you owe me a direct answer about whether you've used any of my code/concepts, or any of Almega's assets/concepts without attribution. If you have, at this point I'd like you to remove it (at least my contributions, I can't speak for Almega). If you haven't (and I confirm that you haven't when I look at your mod) then you can just forget about this thread.

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    I am sorry for not being more direct. No. I have never downloaded Dungeon Systems, Scene Systems or Almega's Shadow Grid. Your suspicion that Dark Steps used Dungeon Systems code in ridiculous. You, yourself must be able to see that. And these new accusations are just as preposterous - as you will see when you read this new code. After looking at Almega’s Mod (today), his mod is likely the one that my nephew was referencing when he spoke of using shadows. His words to me were, “Like a lamp over chicken wire.” sounds close enough.

    It is a shame that you sully my work with this nonsense. The reason I wasn’t more direct before, was because I was hoping that you would recognize the absurdity of your accusations after you ‘checked’ Dark Steps for your footprint.

    It is unfortunate that the most vocal people are generally negative. I stand by what I said: the work you are doing for the community is phenomenal -- this nonsense only diminishes that accomplishment.

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    Thank you for finally answering my question. I'm not a negative person, and I think my contributions to the TTS community are proof enough of that. I believe I deserved at least a clear answer to my simple question, and your first response was antything but that.

    I think it's very clear that I don't consider the question ridiculous, and I still don't. Don't steal people's ideas and don't put words in my mouth, and you'll never have to worry about interacting with me.

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    The saddest part, Dig65, is that you were the person I identified with the most on this forum. I was genuinely inspired when I saw all of your great work. I thought we would be able to bounce ideas around and take interest in one another’s projects. That has not turn out to be the case. Given the current interest level in original content, and the burnt bridges, this forum has become little more than an information resource. As a fellow TTS enthusiast, I was hoping for more.

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    Putting on my Mod Hat.....Thank you both for keeping this disagreement civil so far.

    I hope this matter is settled now Dig65 and your happy now with TattleTales answer that your work is not an uncredited part of his.

    If you are...then perhaps an apology is in order for the accusation...

    and if your not your going to need some proof that things are making unsubstantiated claims against another forum User and leaving them hanging is not nice.

    Keep it polite and work this out as your both assets to the community.... starting up some half baked feud over a misunderstanding would be a mistake.

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    Thank you for considering my reasonable concerns a "half baked feud", characterizing them as unsubstantiated, and expecting me to do what you want me to do. I'll handle this how I choose, thank you.

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    Not if you wish to handle them on this forum you wont Dig65.

    and you can consider that a formal warning from a Moderator.

    If you accuse someone of something like this and they deny it. Then the onus is on you to either apologise or prove them a liar.

    I have no dog in this fight an care little about who's right and who's wrong.

    But reputations are fragile things tread carefully.....Please

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    You won't need to worry about it, I'm done with you.

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