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    Mod Question

    I was just wondering, how does one become a Mod? I have almost 2600 hours on TTS now and I believe I have a good grasp on the game. Im on usually at least once a day unless i'm out of town or something. I was just thinking with someone on as often as I am I could help with the chat, because usually late at night I see lots of things going on with no mods on, not many people are up around 3am Like me :/
    I've been in contact with lots of devs and mods before, especially the time me and my friends discovered the dreaded Eye Script that implated itself into TTS games.

    TLDR: How would I go about helping with being a Moderator.

    Thank you for your time, have a good day

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    Hi there - just be helpful in chat and respectful at all times. I chose all the mods based on how I have seen them hold themselves either in chat or forums, etc. That's pretty much the only way right now. If I find someone I'm interested in, then I'll contact them. So thanks for your interest, I'll be on the lookout

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    Thanks for replying Kimiko! I'll try and behave :P

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