First time poster. Long time Python programmer and I am really enjoying Lua, TTS, and this forum!

I have a deck of 39 cards -- 3 of which are End of Deck (EOD) marker cards. Reading other posts it sounded like I needed to add these EOD cards to keep the deck container from "disappearing" when the next to last "usable" card was drawn from it.

After shuffling the deck, I search it to find the 3 EOD cards, I remove the EOD cards, raise the deck above the board, place the EOD cards under the raised deck, and then drop the deck on top of them -- after doing this, the deck no longer has the same GUID and of course its Name and Description fields are now blank.

It seems that my method of searching and sorting is to blame here. Is there a way of moving the 3 EOD cards to the bottom of the deck that does not effectively cause the deck object to change into a new/different object?