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Thread: Reordering Notebook Sections

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    Question Reordering Notebook Sections

    Is it possible to re-order or modify the sort order on the Notebook's sections?

    I've tried clicking and dragging them, as well as renaming/numbering them. But nothing I do seems to let me change what order they're in short of having to delete them and re-create the sections in the right order. I'd prefer to avoid that, as I may want to add more sections and reorganize them again later.

    Is there a trick to it that I might just be missing, perhaps?

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    Not currently. Also, the notebook can be a bit buggy and exibit non-expected behavior sometimes. It is something that will hopefully get a looking into in the future

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    No harm in posting notebook tab reordering as a suggestion in the Suggestion forum though! Might just get put in!

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