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Thread: Friendscannot connect to my server

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    Friendscannot connect to my server

    I port forwared TCP & UDP 11155, opened the port in windows firewall but nobody else can connect.

    If I run another application (such as a webserver or another game) on the same port others can connect without issue.

    Any suggestions?

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    I would suggest is port forwarding or port triggering on your router or gateway device (Modem/router combo machine. Basically if you can plug more than one computer into it wired, it's probably a router or gateway). To do that, I'd recommend talking with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to help you out. If you want to self-help, there are sites out there like that can help. They also have a reliable port checking utility to make sure the port is open. However I'd still recommend working with your ISP if you've never done it before. Some machines, like mine unfortunately, despite port forwarding don't always accept it because the ISP has their own firewall blocking ports past your own router.

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