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Thread: Graphics Driver problem?

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    Graphics Driver problem?

    Whenever I try to run the game using my Nvidia card as opposed to my integrated graphics card, I get a CTD when I try to start the game. The full crash log can be found here. [url][/url]

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    I've seen a few solutions to this problem myself.
    One, reboot your computer, especially if you've not in a long while or are one of those that leave your PC on.

    Two, if that doesn't solve it, try reinstalling your Nvidia drivers. Make sure you're using official, signed drivers at least to make sure it's the driver and not something else. To do this, just use Nvidia's GeForce Experience and it will auto-detect for you. If it says your drivers are up-to-date, there should be a few dots on that same window that'll bring up an option to reinstall if you click them!

    Hope one of those helps!

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